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17 Must-Have Air Fryer Accessories to Make Cooking Easy!

In 2023, air fryers will be an entire kitchen appliance. The gadget is frequently the secret to popular dishes, including quick weeknight suppers and healthier variations of fried favorites like chicken wings and French fries. You could be seeking tips to maximize the well-liked gadget, whether you are new to the air fryer world or have been using one for years. The best air fryer accessories are helpful in this situation.

Have you ever attempted to make skewers with your air fryer? Even air-fried pizza? How about baking or air-frying a loaf of bread? You can accomplish this and more with the appropriate equipment and accessories. The possibilities are unlimited in the era of inventive, mouthwatering TikTok dishes.

We have included 17 practical air fryer accessories below, including pizza and cake pans, small tongs, and ideally sized liners that speed up cleanup.

Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing Air Fryer Accessories

You must confirm that the accessories you desire are compatible with your air fryer because there are so many different brands and types available.

The solutions listed below are applicable and should work with what you already have at home, if not all of them. Just make sure you verify the make and model!

The Best Air Fryer Accessories

The Best Air Fryer Accessories
The Best Air Fryer Accessories

#1. Parchment Paper 

Using parchment paper in your air fryer may be something you are debating. Yes, you should, is the response. If you have used this equipment to cook for a while, you are probably aware of how challenging cleanup may occasionally be.

Not all parchment paper is created equally, so users like this 100-piece set. It is available in numerous sizes, ranging from 6 to 8.5 inches. Additionally, it is made of non-toxic materials, which is essential. It is specifically made to be used with your air fryer and is perforated with holes. You should not skip this piece of jewelry!

While 98 percent of air frying uses parchment paper primarily for easy cleanup, it is essential when cooking delicacies like Air Fryer French Toast Sticks and Air Fryer Hush Puppies due to their moister batter.

Can you punch holes in regular parchment paper instead of cutting it? Yes, but it takes SO much effort, and these sheets are so cheap that they are worth it. 

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#2. Evo Oil Mister

You will frequently need the means to spritz your food with oil if you want to air fry it for the most outstanding results. Let’s talk about what we advise instead of when you should use oil in your air fryer.

Users currently only endorse this brand of oil spritzers. Although they have previously used a Misto, they now find that the EVO Oil Sprayer performs the best consistently and does not clog up like most other brands.

Your life will be easier with this oil mister from EVO! Every time, spray the ideal quantity of oil evenly. Additionally, it has a fan spray, is refillable, and is constructed of non-toxic ingredients. Whatever suits your air fryer best, you can adjust the nozzle to spray vertically or horizontally!

Keep in mind to use just the proper types of oil. Choose a light olive oil with a higher smoke point than extra virgin if you want to utilize it.

Evo Oil Mister
Evo Oil Mister

#3. Silicone Basket

When it comes to quick cleanup, this is one of the best air fryer accessories! This silicone basket will shield your air fryer from any food residue, much like parchment paper. Since the silicone basket also aids in draining any extra oil from your food, you can stop washing the air fryer’s basket after each use.

Straight lines, dishwasher safety, and uniform heat distribution benefit this air fryer accessory. You do not have to be concerned about dangerous chemicals. contaminating your food because it is made from high-grade, medical-grade silicone.

#4. Instant-Read Thermometer

Making sure that the meat is cooked through is one thing you must watch out for when using your air fryer for cooking meat. After a few tries, you will probably get the hang of it, but you can never be too cautious!

You will never have to question if your food is fully cooked again if you use an Instant-Read Thermometer. Additionally, it is a versatile item that works with all types of cookery.

By using this thermometer, which responds in only three seconds, you can help maintain the heat in the air fryer while cooking. It has a large, easy-to-read LED screen, is portable, and is waterproof. It might be frustrating to find out if your meat is overcooked if you use this method to check.

#5. Silicone Liners

Your air fryer will last longer if you keep food particles away from it. Moreover, who does not want cleanup to be more straightforward? These silicone liners are great if you want to avoid parchment paper. Compared to the parchment rounds, they are much more environmentally friendly, heat resistant, and have a perforated shape to encourage ventilation.

Two sizes are available: 7.5 inches for small and medium air fryers and 8.5 inches for bigger ones.

For delicacies like Air Fryer Apple Fritters and Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls, silicone liners are helpful and function similarly to parchment circles.

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Silicone Liners for air fryer
Silicone Liners for air fryer

#6. Accessory Kit 

You have found it if you are seeking an accessory package for an air fryer that includes everything you could need and more! A cake pan, a pizza pan, a metal holder, a multi-purpose rack with five skewers, a silicone mat, and an egg bites mold with a cover are all included in this set of 6 different accessories. When you purchase this air fryer attachment kit, you can create whatever you can think of!

Depending on the size of your model, choose between the 3.7QT and 5.8QT sizes. All components are food-safe and non-toxic.

#7. Silicone Tongs 

Another of these essential air fryer accessories that you must have in your kitchen is silicone tongs. These are rust-proof, comfortable to use, and composed of premium silicone and stainless steel.

One 9-inch tong and one 12-inch tong are included in this set of silicone tongs. Both sizes are made to comfortably fit in your hand. These tongs have a locking mechanism for straightforward storage after you’re done using them.

How about silicone tongs? Using metal tongs can cause the non-stick surface, which is coated on most air fryers, to chip off. The surface of your air fryer will not get damaged because silicone is considerably softer.

#8. Long Oven Mitts

Because of not using these mitts, several people have reported getting burned after using hot air fryers.

Thanks to the heat-resistant silicone construction, these lengthy oven mitts will keep you safe from heat up to 450 degrees F. The oven mitts’ length of 14.7 inches will provide you with additional protection. Additionally, they include a texture that helps improve your grip.

These long oven mitts are steam-resistant, in contrast to conventional oven mitts, which absorb moisture. Additionally, they come in various fashionable hues and are machine washable.

#9. Cake Pan 

With an air fryer, baking is effortless, and cleanup will be simple if you use this specific cake pan for air fryers. It properly suits models with capacities between 3.4 and 10 liters. It will never ever peel or corrode because it is composed of 16-gauge anodized aluminum!

Without any additional chemicals, this cake pan is constructed from non-toxic materials.

Cake pan for air fryer
Cake pan for air fryer

#10. Cupcake Liners

Reusable and air fryer-safe silicone cupcake liners! Additionally, they maintain their shape well so that you can air fry them without a cupcake tray! Using regular cupcake liners would result in a disaster as they would fold out.

Because of the silicone, you do not need to add additional oil or butter for simple food release. These 1.38-inch-tall cupcake liners are compatible with all ordinary muffin pans. Both the pack of 12 and the pack of 24 are available in various colors.

You can use these liners to make a variety of different bite-sized delicacies, such as mini muffins, egg frittatas, and cupcakes.

#11. Basting Brushes 

You will see that silicone is a common material used to make many of the top air fryer accessories on this list. This is so that it can endure high temperatures and be cleaned up quickly! These silicone basting brushes are a godsend for brushing oils, sauces, and marinades onto your air fryer foods.

You will not have to worry about food staining or bristles that can get into your food like some traditional basting brushes because silicone is non-toxic and food-grade.

#12. Rolling Tray For Under Air Fryer

The truth is that some air fryers are pretty heavy. To make moving your air fryer around your kitchen more accessible, think about using this universal rolling tray below. With a valuable item like this, you can prevent unpleasant air fryer mishaps (like dropping it unintentionally!).

If your kitchen cabinetry restricts you from opening your air fryer, this air fryer accessory is also helpful. When opening, slide it forward using the rolling tray, then put it back in storage.

#13. The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

A cookbook is an excellent start when learning how to utilize a new device. Many cookbooks for air fryers are available that provide ideas and advice and teach you stuff about your air fryer that you might not otherwise know. There are 100 recipes for “healthier fried favorites” in Brandi Crawford’s “The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook,” ranging from chicken and waffles to cinnamon-sugar donut holes.

Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook
Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

#14. Hotbest 5-In-1 Air Fryer Accessories Set

You can make pizza, bread, and even cakes with the appropriate equipment in your air fryer. This five-piece set of air fryer accessories includes a skewer rack, a tiny cake, pizza pans, and other items. Ensure your air fryer has the appropriate dimensions for this set because each piece has a maximum diameter of 7 inches.

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#15. Grill Pan

A grill pan with a perforated surface enables you to grill and sear meat in your air fryer, like these steak dishes. For simple cleanup, this nonstick pan is dishwasher safe.

#16. Thermapen

The secret to air frying is using the proper cooking periods, although double-checking is never a bad idea. Even the thickest portions of your cuisine can be verified as fully cooked using an instant-read thermometer.

#17. Ramekins

These substantial ramekins can accommodate dishes like cupcakes and egg cups, and their porcelain weight makes them resistant to air-frying. Make several batches of the same dish or make various dishes that are uniquely you.

Ramekins used for dishes like cupcakes and egg cups
Ramekins used for dishes like cupcakes and egg cups


With the right accessories, you can use your air fryer for many more things. Thanks to the abundance of accessories, such as pans, brushes, and even an accessory kit for an air fryer, you can cook a wide variety of dishes with this helpful kitchen gadget.

All the difference may be made by using the best air fryer accessories! The most significant air fryer accessories will depend on your demands among the various available options.

You can get the most out of your meals with these essential air fryer accessories! With these practical tools, you will be able to keep your favorite kitchen gadget clean, avoid getting burned, and determine whether your meal is entirely cooked.

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