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How to Cook Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Kiev – Ultimate Guide

Looking for a delectable air fryer frozen chicken Kiev? The ideal method for quickly cooking frozen chicken Kiev is an air fryer rather than an oven. You simply need to take the Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Kiev out of the box and place it in the air fryer to enjoy this crunchy and creamy-packed chicken meal. It takes under 20 minutes to complete.

What is Chicken Kiev?

The meal called “Chicken Kiev,” also spelled “Chicken Kyiv,” consists of a chicken fillet that has been crushed and wrapped in cold butter before being covered in egg and bread crumbs and either fried or baked. Cuisines from Ukraine and Russia commonly refer to stuffed chicken breasts as côtelette de volaille. 

The meal called Chicken Kiev
The meal called Chicken Kiev

Although its origins are contested, the dish is especially well-liked in the post-Soviet republics, along with a number of other nations in the former Eastern Bloc and the English-speaking world.

It is possible to make Chicken Kiev at home, but the technique is complex and can be challenging to master. We frequently purchase frozen Chicken Kiev since it tastes just as delicious and needs no effort.

Without using any oil, frozen Chicken Kiev cooked in an air fryer comes out crispy and juicy. It tastes like it was made from scratch when made in an air fryer. To make a complete meal, serve it with a salad or a potato dish.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Cook Frozen Chicken Kiev in the Air Fryer

Step-by-Step Instructions to Cook Frozen Chicken Kiev
Step-by-Step Instructions to Cook Frozen Chicken Kiev

#1. What You Need

  • Frozen Chicken Kiev: These are available in most grocery stores as well as bulk retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club in the frozen entree department. Gourmet Choice, Barber Foods, Tyson, and Perdue are a few well-known brands.
  • Air Fryer: This recipe works with any air fryer! 
  • Tongs: After being fried in the air fryer, the chicken will be hot. Before serving, remove with tongs.
  • Meat thermometer: The use of a meat thermometer is the only way to determine whether meat is thoroughly cooked to the desired temperature.

#2. Directions

  • Step 1: Set your air fryer to the proper temperature and turn it on for two to three minutes to bring the temperature up to 360°F/180°C.
  • Step 2: Put a single layer of frozen chicken Kiev in the air fryer basket. In order for the hot air to reach all sides and for the Kievs to cook evenly, make sure they are not touching.

    make sure they are not touching
    make sure they are not touching
  • Step 3: For pre-cooked frozen chicken Kievs, air fry them for 15-20 minutes at 360°F/180°C, and for raw frozen Kievs, air fries them for 30-35 minutes. 
  • Step 4: Verify the temperature inside. To safely cook chicken, it must reach an internal temperature of at least 165°F/74°C. After your chicken Kiev has done air-frying, use an instant-read meat thermometer to make sure it is properly cooked. In order to attain a safe temperature, air fried for an additional 2-3 minutes at a time, if necessary.

Why Use an Air Fryer

Convection heat is used in air fryers to cook food so that it is crispy and browned on the exterior but moist and soft on the inside. Using an air fryer for cooking is quicker and less messy than deep frying or typical oven roasting. Another benefit of air frying is that it consumes little oil.

In air fryers, frozen chicken Kiev is cooked at temperatures approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit by hot air from above passing through perforated baskets, wire racks, and/or ceramic plates. This seals in the moisture and initially cooks the outside.

How Long to Cook Frozen Chicken Kiev in The Air Fryer

The precise cooking time for frozen chicken kievs will vary depending on a number of variables, including the kind of kievs you have, their size, and the strength of your air fryer.

including the kind of kievs you have, their size
including the kind of kievs you have, their size

Use a meat thermometer to measure the temperature in the center of the thickest area to ensure that your food is properly cooked. This has to be 165°F/74°C for chicken.

5 Cooking Tips

  • When frying frozen meals in an air fryer, it’s crucial to preheat the appliance because doing so enables the defrosting process to begin as the item cooks.
  • No additional oil needs to be sprayed on the chicken kiev.
  • Your chicken’s size will determine how long it takes to cook because chicken sizes can vary from brand to brand. Start off at 375°F for 15-20 minutes, and then adjust as necessary.
  • Some frozen chicken kievs have raw chicken within. Make sure the chicken has reached a safe internal temperature of 165°F using a kitchen thermometer.
  • Avoid packing the air fryer basket too full. The food will not cook evenly as a result of improper air circulation.

What to Serve with Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Kiev

What to Serve with Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Kiev
What to Serve with Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Kiev

You can eat the following side dishes and accompaniments with a chicken Kiev:

  • Mixed green salad: Because a chicken Kiev can be rather rich and filling, a simple and light side dish is typically more than sufficient. To keep things simple, make a side salad with some of your favorite vegetables.
  • Mashed potatoes: You can’t go wrong when you choose mashed potatoes to pair with chicken Kiev if you enjoy a hearty, carb-based side dish. The potatoes will melt the garlic butter into them as they are still hot, giving the ultimate in comforting home cooking!
  • Homemade chips: A typical pairing that is frequently found on the menu of traditional rural taverns is chicken Kiev and chips. Here, it’s important to make sure your chips are fluffy on the inside, crunchy and golden on the exterior, and served with lots of salt and vinegar.
  • Roasted vegetables: You can pair a plate of roasted vegetables with practically any chicken meal you can imagine. There are many ways to mix things up a bit so you can serve it with a side dish every week without it getting old, and it also guarantees that you’re serving up a good amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Steamed broccoli: Even though it takes very little time to cook, steamed broccoli may create a classy side dish that wouldn’t seem out of place at a dinner party or as part of a special occasion feast.

Storage Tips

Within two hours of cooking
Within two hours of cooking

Within two hours of cooking, place any leftover chicken Kiev in an airtight container and refrigerate. Use in three days.

You may reheat kievs in the air fryer if you prepared them from scratch. They should be placed in the air fryer basket and cooked for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the center registers 165°F/74°C.

Since it’s not a good idea to reheat chicken twice, if the frozen kievs were already cooked, you shouldn’t either.


#1. What Else Might I Use in The Chicken Kiev?

There are a few things you may sprinkle on top of the frozen Chicken Kiev to enhance flavor. The ideal garnish is some chopped parsley because it gives the Chicken Kiev a lovely, tangy flavor. Crushed red pepper flakes and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice are a few of the other toppings you might use on the chicken. 

These will give the chicken a little fire and acidity, but try different seasonings to find your favorite.

#2. Does Foil Work in Air Fryers?

Yes, it does. While everyone is aware that using foil in a microwave is not a good idea (and if you are unaware, the exploding sparks will serve as a reminder), air fryers operate differently. Since they don’t actually use microwaves to generate heat, using foil in an air fryer won’t result in the same terrifying spark display.

#3. How Can You Determine Whether A Chicken Kiev Is Finished?

Until the chicken reaches a temperature of 65°C (149°F) inside. When inserting the meat thermometer tip to check, take careful to just slightly penetrate the flesh in order to prevent creating a hole that would allow the butter to leak out!


Above is our instruction to cook air fryer frozen chicken Kiev. Air frying frozen chicken Kievs yields consistently excellent results. They always are cooked to perfection, with an exterior that is golden and crispy and an interior that is tender and flowing with the most exquisite melted garlic butter.

Because the hot air causes the food to become so crispy on the exterior without drying out the middle, air frying is a fantastic method for cooking frozen items. Additionally, it is quicker than baking it in the oven and healthier and cleaner than conventional frying.

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