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Air Fryer Making Noise – How To Fix This Problem?

Every day you cook food with an air fryer. At the same time, the noise from this one suddenly became inexplicably louder than usual. So you might be asking yourself, “air fryer making noise for the question?”, we’ll gladly answer this question for you in this short and helpful article!

Air Fryer Making Noise and The Detail for What is the Reason

The Main Reason Air Fryer Making Noise

The main errors might be summarized as follows:

  •  Noise from mini debris piece still inside the device
  • Making noise from working fan (Lose something from moving parts)
  • A lot of dirt after longtime using and  make more noise

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#1. How Is It Work and How Air Fryer Making Noise 

While you are cooking with air oven which always making noise. However, they usually make noise during operation. Because their mechanical fan creat a sound to make the circulation of hot air inside the device.

Standard noise usually specified is between 60 and 65 decibels. Therefore, If in some cases you hear a rattling sound over 65 decibels from your one. There is an abnormality, you need to find out what the cause is?


#2. Air fryer making noise from debris piece still inside

Air fryer making noise from debris piece still inside
Air fryer making noise from debris piece still inside

This first cause you think is that there are small debris pieces falling into the device? which means that it can have more sound from there. Hence, the first step you should take the power plug out for safety. And check out the condition there are anythings inside? If have please quick remove them and your one will normally function properly.

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#3. Making noise from working fan (Lose something from moving parts)

Most of the noise that is louder than the noise made by the fan is caused by loose parts. For this reason, you should stop for using and check out how they cause a rattling noise. One of these is related cause to low-quality products. When buying, you should choose safe and good quality product.

-Plug out and clean inside 

-Open the air oven’s door and try to touch to check any loose component.

-Check out to make more secure any loose elements if possible 

-If impossible to find any things, please contact the warranty service team or manufacture to fix this 

#4. A lot of dirt after longtime use and  make more noise

Additionally, more reason is that after a long time of use, there is a lot of dirt inside. That’s why this affects the operation of your device, it make pressure on the air oven to do more work to cook the food. Hence, they might make more noise.

Let’s clean all your one after using and remove all dirt from inside to help air fryer work properly.


We believe that you now know ” Air Fryer Making Noise “ in the right way. Following our instructions will help you have the way to fix these problems. Please leave a comment if you have any further concerns related to the topic.

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