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Air Fryer Not Heating Up – What Is Reason?

Nowadays a lot of families use air fryers for cooking. Because they make foods as well as delicious and healthy. In the process of using your product, and has problems such as air fryer not heating up. That’s why we’ll send you the article about the causes and make clear as each step for an explanation.

It might help you how to fix or to gain a deep understanding of them. Let’s get started!

What is the Reason for Air Fryer Not Heating Up? What is the Reason for Air Fryer Not Heating Up_ 

There are some main reasons we show below and should check them out. Besides that, you will find a way to fix the troubleshooting

  • Check the Power Outlet and Cable Plug 
  • Make Sure for Set up Temperature Properly
  • Looking at the Device Door close tightly 
  • Check the Amount of Food 
  • Test for Heating Element still working 
  • Maybe have a problem with the thermal relay 
  • The fan of Air Oven Not Working
  • It is Trouble for the Control board 

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The Reasons why the Air Fryer is Not Heating Up which can be Fixed Quickly

It might be forgetting when you are using an air fryer, such as not turning on the power switch to the outlet or air fryer’s door is not closed properly. Therefore it will not work and not heating up. Hence below are a few causes of them and it shall be detailed for clarification:

The Reasons Why the Air Fryer is Not Heating Up Which can be Fixed Quickly

#1. Check the Power Outlet and Cable Plug

For the cooking step, you should check then using air fryer. Most important, firstly to check to turn on for a power outlet and cable plugin in good condition. Besides that, looking on cables if that is bad connection by so longterm to use.

It would be simple to find out the problem then you test this application. In this case, please change to another outlet it does not see on your device power indicator. Also plug into the power outlet properly to ensure the device is turned on status.

It should check and replace the old cable. In this case, when your power cable does not appear on the outer insulation of the cable has broken or stripped. However, the quality of power transmission has bad condition after many years to use.

You have to replace it to exclude fault to cause air fryer not heating up. Because I have had a lesson learn with this trouble for my bathroom water heater which is not heating up. After that, I changed to new cables and that one working normally with hot water as well.

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#2. Make Sure for Set up Temperature Properly

Quart Air Fryer Dial Control 
Quart Air Fryer Dial Control

Among different models or brands, It is one of them to control temperature by straightforward dial, besides that other type use push button on display to set up the temperature. Hence how to set this function as your recipes to cook each type of food.

Is your air fryer set at the right temperature for your food? So you should follow instructions from the manufacture mentioned there.

#4. Looking at the Device’s Door close tightly

After checking the above condition that is the power outlet or connection as well. The next step will make sure for the door to close properly and ensure hot air inside is not leaking. For this reason, your one will not be heating up and food also will be not perfect as plan.

It’s important for this action because it will help your air fryer working in safely. Besides that they complete cooking on time, so your food gets nice and crispy. That’s why you always make sure for the door to seal tightly.

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#5. Check the Amount of Food in the Basket

How Does an Air Fryer Work? The principle for operation is hot air circulation which blowing the food into the basket. If you put too much food inside the oven. Therefore, it will make a narrow space so that the hot air will be limited circulates and the temperature is not heating up enough to cook the food.

Too much food will be overloaded and might stop the air fryer during cooking
Too much food will be overloaded and might stop the air fryer during cooking

Most Importance for this issue, you organize food enough to help the air fryer work properly and safely. Because it will be overload and might stop the machine during cooking. You should always follow the package instructions that came with your model.

The Reasons for Air Fryer is Not Heating Up due to Technical

The reasons above are faults that you can fix on yourself quickly. Here I will show you the errors that cause the air fryer not to heat due to technical.

Do Air Fryers Use A Lot Of Electricity_

#1. The heating Element is not working

The heating element is the part of the air fryer that makes hot air inside the oven and fry your foods. Therefore that part is most important of them, you should not try to repair it if you do not know how to disassemble it or how it works.

If you have tried the above methods and found that the air oven still does not heat up, you can be sure it’s the heater’s fault. After that, you should read the instruction manual mentioned for these troubleshooting items to understand. Let’s contact the warranty service to fix this problem.

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#2. Maybe have a problem with the thermal relay

There is a thermal relay to be arranged. This one has a function to protect the device then the temperature is sufficient and air oven will be shut off.

It might that, you set up for temperature range which is not correct. That means the device only works at low temperatures and the air fryer is not heating up. In another case, this relay is not working and need to replace with a new one.

You also need to contact customer service to announce about this problem. They will check and find out if this faulty relay make mistake.

#3. The fan is Not Working

The fan of air fryer
The fan of air fryer

In a part of the air fryer, there is a fan to fitting for to blow hot air to cook the food. Hence, if this fan does not work which is also the cause it is not heating up.

It is function important to circulate hot air around foods, and you can check this fan still run or stop then start cooking. By the way, It is visible or hears they are running or stop. After that, contact to Vendor to check this and get a replacement of a new fan.

#4. It is Trouble for the Control board

It would be not easy to check these errors and be difficult to fix. Because the mainboard is a complicated part and needs help from the manufacturer who will fix or change for a new one.

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Final Thoughts

We believe that you now know why Air Fryer Not Heating Up as above our writing. Following our instructions will help you have a bit of knowledge and understanding for the above reason might happen for your one. Please leave a comment if you have any further concerns related to the topic.

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