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Air Fryer Not Turning On – How to Fix This Problem

You are using and there is a problem with air fryer not turning on. Maybe this is the first time you have met this situation or it has happened several times before. How to sort it out? Do you have any plans to fix this problem? We will show some things below to help you make plan to fix this problem.

Short checking steps in the following sequence 

Short checking steps in the following sequence 

  • Make sure device connect to a working socket
  • Confirm that the device plugs into a functioning power socket
  • See Air Fryer’s basket place properly
  • Test Cable connect to a device for damage
  • Check the fuse for cables (some plug has a built-in fuse that might replace)

If the unit still doesn’t power up. Try unplugging the device for 10 minutes to let it reset then plug it back in and power it

There are many different models, so it is difficult to say in detail how to fix each type. But you can refer to the topics below to apply to repair a little effort for your air fryer. Let’s look at the different things that can cause that one to stop working.

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How to Check for Air Fryer Not Turning On

#1. Check for the device connect to a working socket

Check for working socket
Check for working socket

It is probably to waste your time if you don’t check the outlet socket which is working firstly?

It is easy to check if the socket is not working, you should connect another device to the socket. If that air oven is powered by the same socket, then you know it’s something trouble and not faulty for the socket.

Another way would be to change the air fryer from the initial socket to another device. If the device powers up, then you know the previous socket was causing the problems.

It might fix a loose electrical outlet when you checked it, immediately disconnect the main power source for timely repair.

To fix it thoroughly, it needs to remove the socket cover and then adjust the copper bars as well as clean the best. If the socket is too old or badly damaged, it should not use, replace it with a new one for good and safe use.

#2. Confirm that the device is plugged into a functioning power socket

Sometimes you forget when you did not plug in the power outlet to use the air fryer. Maybe at that time, because you were in an unhappy mood or tired, you did not plug the power into the outlet.

When you check the power plug into the power socket, they may be loose and do not make a good connection or your plug will damage. Inspection and replacement are also necessary for function properly.

If your device properly connect to a power socket and still doesn’t power up, try unplugging that one for a moment and then re-plug it into the socket. When re-plugged, the device will show power available. If this doesn’t happen, continue reading.

#3. Check Air Fryer’s basket place properly

Check Air Fryer’s basket place properly
Check Air Fryer’s basket place properly

Double-check that the air fryer basket properly place. It ensures that your device will be ready to operate safely. If in case the basket not place properly it won’t allow you to start a cooking program. Make sure the basket is put in place before you close the hatchet, then try powering the air fryer.

#4. Check Cable connect to the device for damage

Electrical cables are necessary parts to transmit electricity to equipment in the house. However, in the process of using, They stretch, bent, twist, squashed, and moved around all time.

This can cause damage to the cables. When you have these problems, you need to quickly repair and replace them to ensure their safety during operation.

You also need to check the connection between the plug and the power cable which are possible loose or broken connections where is close to the plug. You need to cut that part of the cable and re-connect it to the plug to ensure power to the device.

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#5. Check the fuse for cables

There are many types of cables for air fryers they have plugs with fuse to be built into there. You should check this fuse to see if it is still connecting or not.

That way you need to test this by using the insulation meter. If the fuse is disconnecting for this case, simply replacing the fuse may get your one up and running again.

#6. Reading Manual Book to sort out some troubleshooting

You can read manual book to find the solution for your problem
You can read manual book to find the solution for your problem

For each Air fryer there are including manual book for looking then you need, in there it shall be mentioned about how to fix some problems if happened. It shows you how to reset or test to find the cause and fix them.

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#7. Contact to Vendor for Warranty

If you have tried above checking and your product is not still power on. Please do not open your one to fix these because you may void the warranty by opening up the air fryer on your own, and you don’t want that.

If you void the warranty you may have to pay a price equal to, or greater than the air fryer actually cost to purchase in the first place. Therefore, it may in some cases be more lucrative to purchase a new product than to repair one – unless your one is still under warranty.

Last Words

Thank you for reading! If you have or are experiencing Air Fryer Not Turning On right now, please don’t hesitate to comment on how you approached the problem. If you’re carrying information that I haven’t included, please add it to the comment section so we can create the most helpful guide available online.

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