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Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer Cooking Time: Which is Your Option?

Nowadays, advances in technology make it easier for people to have better experiences in their daily life. When it comes to cooking, the comparison of air fryer vs deep fryer cooking time, and other modern features will help you pick the best home.

Both fryers have wonderful designs and brilliant features, which might get you confused about your final decision on the ideal product.

The detailed guide with thorough reviews below will solve the problem by giving you further information on these two fryer types to gain a deep understanding of them. Let’s get started!

Comparison Between Air Fryer Vs. Deep Fryer

Whether you are an amateur who has just started cooking or a professional who loves trying diverse cooking appliances, you will find your perfect fryer after taking the features in the comparison below into consideration.

Comparison Between Air Fryer Vs. Deep Fryer

#1. Time

Like any other cooking appliance, both fryers require some cooking time to ensure the quality of your food.

However, a deep fryer tends to cook faster because of the hot oil. Using oil means that you will reduce the time spent on cooking since oil allows a fast process of frying.

Meanwhile, an air oven will take more time to cook because only the hot air is applied to fry food. Besides that, there are some quick-cooking air fryer model you can choose

When you consider two fryers in regard to both cooking times, a deep fryer enjoys a higher rank than an air one.

#2. Capacity

In terms of space, a deep fryer has a larger cooking capacity than another.

A deep fryer often comes with a big size, which means that it can have as much room as possible to cook a large meal like a party for your loved ones. Some deep fryers have two large baskets or a mix of large and small baskets so that you can prepare diverse dishes.

An air fryer would make a perfect choice for those with limited kitchen space as it doesn’t require much space. However, if you are preparing food for a gathering of 3 to 4 people, the capacity of this would suffice.

A deep fryer has a larger cooking capacity
A deep fryer has a larger cooking capacity

#3. Taste

Bear in mind the taste of food that the fryer will deliver when choosing the most suitable fryer for your kitchen because this factor will directly affect your food quality.

Oil plays a major role in making the food tastier and crisper. That’s why deep fryers outweigh air oven in the taste round. Deep fryers often use a large amount of oil to fry food, leading to a tempting deep-fried dish, while air oven will create less oily food.

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#4. Performance

If you want a model which can serve diverse purposes, an air oven will be an ideal choice. It can be used for roasting, baking, or grilling, opening up endless cooking possibilities for you to try.

If you want to have equipment with only the frying function to produce the best result for your meal, a deep fryer is a way to go.

When you compare two fryers, the air oven is superior for its awesome versatility.


Versatility Of The Air Fryer
Versatility Of The Air Fryer

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#5. Maintenance

It is simple to clean both fryers since they have stainless steel trays and easy-to-clean baskets for quick cleanup.

An air fryer, however, deserves a higher rank than another in this round. Cleaning the air oven takes less effort since it has a small size and doesn’t use oil when cooking, so you don’t have to deal with the oil while cleaning the fryer.

Cleaning The Both Fryer Easy
Cleaning The Both Fryer Easy

Quick Rundown Of An Air Fryer



  • Limited capacity for large groups of people
  • Pricey

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Quick Rundown Of A Deep Fryer


  • Excellent taste
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Budget-friendly


  • Poses health implications
  • Time-consuming to clean up


The final winner of the comparison battle between air fryer vs deep fryer cooking time finally belongs to the deep fryer.

A deep fryer model has a portable design and features all the required qualities of a time-saving fryer. Having this excellent product, you can expect to have many tasty dishes in a short time.

If you want a product with diverse purposes, you can consider an air fryer. It also has a great design and amazing features, especially for those who want a fryer to save time on cleaning.

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