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Can you make popcorn in the air fryer?

For snacks, a lot of people prefer to make their own popcorn at home, but they don’t want to use a lot of cooking tools or kitchen utensils. “Can you make popcorn in the air fryer?” they ask themselves. This article will answer this question and all questions related to this topic for you. Surely you will find a new love for your kitchen.

Can you make popcorn in the air fryer? – The Answers for you

Can you make popcorn in the air fryer? – Yes, using a simple method, you can make popcorn in your air fryer very quickly. From now on, this air fryer small-batch popcorn recipe will undoubtedly become your favorite.

Easy air fryer popcorn is delightfully light, fluffy, and delicious!
Easy air fryer popcorn is delightfully light, fluffy, and delicious!

Making air fryer popcorn is not only incredibly simple, but it’s also a terrific way to make a tasty, healthy snack at any time. You can do it any time you like to have a snack while watching a movie or make it for the kids.

These days, air fryers are in vogue. They are a fantastic alternative to the microwave or oven for cooking food. In addition to popcorn, you can cook countless delicious and healthy dishes with this air fryer!

Why using an air fryer to make popcorn will benefit you

Many people always wonder why we should use an air fryer to make popcorn or similar questions like this. Why use an air fryer when you can simply prepare popcorn in the microwave or on the stovetop? This is a wonderful question that is frequently asked since it will help you understand the advantages of making popcorn in an air fryer.

First of all, traditional popcorn-making requires a lot of kitchen utensils. It’ll take a lot of time to put them together and clean them. With an air fryer, you only need a little time and all it takes is waiting for the product. 

All it takes is waiting for the product
All it takes is waiting for the product

Secondly, compared to cooking on a stove, the air fryer provides a unique method for cooking food rapidly and with less oil. It circulates air to assist in creating popcorn from all sides simultaneously, resulting in fresh, fluffy popcorn without using a lot of oil. A simple, tiny batch of popcorn is the ideal low-calorie and surprisingly healthy snack after you’ve mastered the recipe. Let’s try to compare traditional popcorn recipes and air fryer popcorn recipes to see the difference.

  • To coat the corn, the conventional stove-top technique recipe calls for around 3 tablespoons of oil. It’s a simple recipe because you just need 1 teaspoon of oil in an air fryer. 
  • A substance called diacetyl is used to make certain microwave popcorn. It is added to microwave popcorn packaging to improve the flavor and smell of butter. When used excessively, lung-related illnesses might result. Air fryers, in contrast, are completely chemical-free and quite safe for consumers.

Finally, making popcorn at home using an air fryer will ultimately result in significant financial savings. A bag of popcorn kernels costs approximately $3 and may be used to produce several batches of tasty and healthy popcorn instead of paying more for more costly popcorn from the store.

What you need to prepare to make popcorn in the air fryer

Can you make popcorn in the air fryer? – Yes, you just need a few things and utensils to make air-fried popcorn, which makes it a quick and simple snack. 

You just need a few things and utensils
You just need a few things and utensils

Tin foil or aluminum foil: If the air fryer brand you use has a basket with big holes at the bottom for air to flow, you must insert a piece of tin foil or aluminum foil into the basket to prevent the kernels from passing through the holes. When you do this, a barrier is formed that protects your popcorn seeds and enables them to pop within the basket where they belong.

Popcorn kernels: You have the option of using white or yellow popcorn kernels to make popcorn. You may easily get it because it is offered in nearly every store around. Popcorn kernels with added flavors cannot be used.

Oil: To make the popcorn taste its best, you should lightly coat the filling with oil. An oil with a high smoke point, such as avocado, sunflower, or safflower oil, is the one that is advised. All three can be cooked at temperatures higher than 400 °F without burning. We advise using spray-on oil. However, you may also apply oil in a conventional manner. Once the popcorn has popped, use a spritz of olive or coconut oil. This is especially beneficial so that the popcorn retains the salt and other tastes.

Air fryer: You may use any air fryer brand that you think is good. The identical recipe outlined in this article may be used to make popcorn in the majority of air fryers.

How to use an air fryer to make popcorn

Making popcorn in an air fryer might first be a bit of an experiment. But after you learn how to use an air fryer, you’ll discover that it makes a quick, simple, and healthy snack.

Quick, simple, and healthy snack
Quick, simple, and healthy snack

Making popcorn in your air fryer is simple, can give you the ideal crisp, and may taste just as you want it to. It is also wonderfully nutritious. To make a batch of tasty and healthy popcorn, follow these four steps:

Prepare air fryer basket

In order to stop the kernels from going below the basket, where they will heat up and pop out, line the bottom of your air fryer with aluminum foil or tin foil. Make sure the foil is evenly distributed and that no corn kernels can squeeze through the holes. 

Coat popcorn kernels

Add 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels and 1 teaspoon of oil to a small dish or brown paper bag large enough for a lunch. To ensure that all of the fillings are covered, evenly distribute the oil over the kernels. Alternately, fasten the paper bag with a hand or an elastic band, then shake the oil-coated kernel inside. In the event that another approach feels more practical, you can apply it. For example, put 1/4 cup of the filling directly into the basket and spray the oil all over the popcorn kernels.

Add popcorn kernels to the basket

Next, spread the popcorn kernels in layers down the bottom of the air fryer basket that has been coated with tin foil or aluminum foil. Skip this step. You put popcorn kernels directly into the pit and sprayed them with oil in Step 2.

Air fry

Set your air fryer for 10 minutes at 400°F and start it up. This will give you enough time to cook the popcorn to perfection. Do not leave it for more than 10 minutes, as this may lead to burns. When you can’t hear the popcorn anymore, open the basket and transfer the popcorn to the bowl. Then season to taste.

The advantages and disadvantages of air fryer

Can you make popcorn in the air fryer?” -Of course. It is very easy and extremely fast. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of making popcorn with an air fryer!

It is very easy and extremely fast
It is very easy and extremely fast

The advantages of Air Fryer

  • It only requires an oil spray and consumes less oil. Just a few sprays or a single spoonful of oil are needed to make a batch of popcorn.
  • It has greater flavor, is lower in calories and carbohydrates, and isn’t covered in oil, butter, or any other high-calorie toppings.

The disadvantages of Air Fryer

  • It’s possible for kernels to fly up onto the heating element and start a fire or smoke.
  • You can’t produce a lot of them (a large batch).

Some good tips & ideas for the best popcorn

You should pay attention to the following tips for a quick and easy homemade popcorn experience as you prepare a tasty batch of popcorn in an air fryer! 

quick and easy homemade popcorn experience as you prepare
quick and easy homemade popcorn experience as you prepare

– Turn off the air fryer right away if you see that the fan has stopped operating or if you get a burn error message. You only need to pause it and look to see whether the popcorn kernels got stuck in the fan.

– You must pay attention when the popcorn begins to pop. No matter how much time is left on the timer, switch the air fryer off as soon as you no longer hear the seeds chirping.

– You can enjoy this with some creative condiments that add extra flavor to your popcorn.

  • Salty toppings: natural cheese, cheddar, or parmesan cheese, ordinary salt, pepper, or garlic salt, ranch dressing mix, onion powder, Italian seasoning mix, Seasoning Taco, etc.
  • Sweet toppings: chocolate, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and brown sugar, and others.

– It is recommended to limit the number of kernels to 1/4 cup. You might just need a couple of tablespoons if your air fryer is less than five quarts in size.


Can unpopped kernels be popped?

Yes! Turn it back on after giving the kernel a second, light coating if you see that there is still a significant amount of filling on the bottom of the basket. However, you should swap it out for fresh kernels if you want to produce the greatest popcorn.

Does your air fryer require oil for making popcorn?

Despite the name, oil is a crucial component of cooking using this useful kitchen tool. Use some oil with a high smoke point, as previously advised, to make your popcorn the right crisp without burning. Simply cover the seeds with 1 teaspoon of heat-resistant oil or liberally spray them with cooking spray to make the best popcorn in your air fryer.

Why is aluminum foil recommended for use in air fryers?

The basket that comes with most air fryers has holes in it for the kernels to fall through and land below. Instead of a tasty snack, this will leave you with a disappointing mess. To prevent this, line the bottom of your air fryer basket with a piece of aluminum foil. This will stop the seeds from falling to the bottom of the basket.


This article is the best answer to the question, “Can you make popcorn in the air fryer?” Try making your own popcorn in your air fryer. This is a super easy and super healthy snack for your family members.

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