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Debut “ReFi Fryer” – A comprehensive air fryer buyer support platform

ReFi Fryer – Air Fryer product search buyer support platform

Many people are becoming more interested in and selecting air fryer products to prepare healthy meals for their families.

As a result, researchers have discovered user psychology and have steadily improved the air fryer to provide the best user experience. Users face a difficult decision when faced with a plethora of models and brands.

Debut ReFi Fryer
Debut ReFi Fryer

But don’t worry, because we have a platform to assist you in resolving these issues.

ReFi Fryer Fryer buyer support Platform is born

Our Vission

Elysia Nguyen – With my whole child looking for a career, for ReFi Fryer. With great expectations, providing a platform to support buyers of the best air fryer.

Our Mission

We not only show the benefits and drawbacks of the product lines, but we also make a visual comparison between brands. As a result, you will be able to find the best product for your needs. All of our air fryer recommendations are based on evaluation criteria such as capacity, usability, temperature and timing range, power wattage, added benefits, and so on. Don’t miss out on the details of these criteria, which will be provided below.


Not only that, but our platform also offers other useful information about products and brands. Some useful articles on this platform include Top 8 Best Air Fryers Under $100 Reviews In 2023, Top 5 Best Air Fryers Under $50 – Complete Review With Comparison, and… The 8 Best Air Fryers Without Teflon in 2023 – Tips and Buying Guide…

Complete Review With Comparison
Complete Review With Comparison

You can also find many useful solutions to the problems you may encounter while cooking with an air fryer. For example, if your air fryer isn’t turning on, you can look up How to Fix This Problem on the platform.

Maybe you’re having problems with your microwave and are wondering if you can use an air fryer as a microwave. The Expert’s Opinion? You’re curious. What Is The Best Way To Reheat Quiche In An Air Fryer? How Do You Cook Chicken Nuggets in an Air Fryer? How to Cook Delicious Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken in an Air Fryer… Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you! All you have to do is type it into the platform’s search bar and you’ll have it right away. Simple Steps Guide to assist you in thoroughly resolving your problem.

Themes other of the Platform

In addition to a good air fryer, you will need delectable recipes to turn meals into a variety that will satisfy the appetites of all family members. Furthermore, the air fryer is an effective friend in every family’s kitchen; however, in order for this friend to accompany us for a longer period of time, you must take proper care of the air fryer. Fortunately, they are all on our platform.

Cooking recipes

We have over 1000 recipes on this platform ranging from traditional Asian dishes to traditional European and American dishes. Not only that, but we have detailed instructions for making the dish as well as helpful notes so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

We have over 1000 recipes on this platform
We have over 1000 recipes on this platform

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to find a plethora of delectable recipes to prepare for your entire family.

Air Fryer Care

An oil-free fryer is a modern household appliance, but it must be used properly to ensure safety as well as delicious dishes and longer pot life.

The air fryer, like other appliances, must be cleaned and maintained properly to extend its lifespan and maintain its natural beauty.

With the useful air fryer care tips shared on this platform
With the useful air fryer care tips shared on this platform

With the useful air fryer care tips shared on this platform, we hope you will know how to clean the air fryer easily and effectively, bringing warm meals for the entire family.

Experts of the platform

All of the information presented on this platform has been reviewed by our reputable cooking experts. Let’s look at who they are so you can understand them better.

Elysia Nguyen

She is a woman who founded ReFi Fryer – A comprehensive air fryer buyer support platform. Besides in order to provide extremely useful air fryer reviews, guides, tips, and recipes about Air Fryer.

Elysia Nguyen - CEO ReFi
Elysia Nguyen – CEO ReFi

At the age of 14, she began to become acquainted with her kitchen. She’s always found that cooking makes her feel relaxed and free to express her creativity. New recipes are constantly being developed!

Elysia Nguyen has appeared on several Food Network shows, including Chefography and Giada’s Weekend Getaways, throughout her career.

Elise Wergeland

Elise Wergeland, who was born in Rome, Italy, grew up in Los Angeles and began her career in the culinary arts by studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. One of her first jobs was at Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s first restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Elise Wergeland - Expert
Elise Wergeland – Expert

She is the author of several cookbooks, including Everyday Italian Recipes, which is widely regarded as one of the best Italian cookbooks available.

Rooney Thornhill

Rooney Thornhill, an Austrian chef, is well-known for his culinary skills. Rooney spent two years in Indianapolis before moving to Los Angeles in his twenties, where he trained with renowned chefs in Paris and Monaco.

Rooney Thornhill - Expert
Rooney Thornhill – Expert

He began his career in Los Angeles as a chef at Ma Maison on Melrose Avenue.

Rooney has authored several cookbooks and appeared on dozens of television shows, including The Simpsons and MasterChef.

Kareena Chopra

Kareena Chopra, an Indian chef, moved to the United States in 2004 with the goal of popularizing Indian cuisine in America. His grandmother instilled in him a love of cooking as he grew up watching her prepare delicious dishes in her hometown of Amritsar.

Kareena Chopra - Expert
Kareena Chopra – Expert

Kareena moved to the United States and attended the Culinary Institute of America before landing a job as a chef at the Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Junoon.

She has appeared on Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and Throwdown! With Bobby Flay, and The Martha Stewart Show since 2015.

Good user reviews when supported by the Platform

The following are some user reviews and experiences with our platform.


I no longer have to struggle with how to care for and clean my air fryer since discovering this website. Thank you so much.


I will recommend this useful website of yours to my friends and relatives now.


I used to have to throw away any unfinished pizza. Despite the fact that I felt it was a waste and attempted to reheat them, they still tasted disgusting. Fortunately, I discovered a way to reheat them using an air fryer here. I no longer have to waste leftover pizza. Thank you very much.


Awesome, I applied your Cinnamon Rolls Tasty recipe using an air fryer and it worked. My kids love them very much.


This platform was recommended to me by a friend. The articles on this site have been extremely beneficial to my cooking. I hope you will continue to publish informative articles.


Oh, thank God, I found a good air fryer thanks to your reviews.

Our Air Fryer Review Criteria

As you could expect, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a new air fryer for your family. We’ll go over each of these criteria in detail in this section so you can make an informed decision about which model is best for you.

#1. Capacity

When purchasing an air fryer, you must carefully consider its capacity. Choose the appropriate pot based on the number of family members. A pot of about 2.2 – 2.5 liters is sufficient for a family of three to four people. Choose a pot with a capacity of 3.1 – 3.5 liters or more if there are more members or if you need to fry more.

#2. Usability

Complex settings and controls can irritate you quickly. Choose one that does not necessitate holding the instruction manual at all times. Furthermore, selection keys should have clear markings with simple functions such as timing adjustments (either automatically or manually) and temperature adjustment buttons that are clearly marked on an air fryer’s control panel – it’s far easier than attempting to guess what each button is supposed to do based solely on its shape!

#3. Temperature & timing range

Because different air fryer recipes require different temperatures, the temperature range of almost any fryer will determine what foods you can cook with it. Even if you have a specific food in mind for your new fryer, it is a good idea to get one with a wide temperature range, such as the Instant Pot Vortex Plus. There won’t be any temperature restrictions on what you can cook this way.

Read more: What Temperature Should You Air Fly Chicken At?

#4. Wattage of power

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a fryer. One of the most important is wattage because using your fryer without electricity or requiring more power than is available can be frustrating for everyone involved. Searching for extension cords and generators can waste precious time that could be better spent simply ordering a model with lower watt requirements!

Depending on where you will be frying food with your new unit, consider purchasing one that does not require as much electrical energy from sources such as a generator. If you’re only going to use it at home, wattage research isn’t as important, but it should still be considered before making any decisions.

If you plan to cook outside while camping or tailgating this season, think about whether all-day use should be factored into the size of a cookware set or whether there is enough room inside.

#5. Added benefits

It will make your life easier if the basket of your new fryer is nonstick. This will greatly simplify cleaning. You could also look for a dishwasher-safe model. You won’t have to bother yourself when it comes time to clean out the cooking basket.

#6. Additions

There are many fryer accessories available, but these extras will be useful. Splash guards, oil pumps, mitts, and filters are some items to consider because they are inexpensive when purchased with other items. Brushes such as cleaning or skimmer tools may also be required, as well as a thermometer to ensure that your oils do not overheat!

If you want to make your fryer last longer and avoid getting pesky grease or other substances stuck in it, consider purchasing a few extra accessories.

Most kitchen supply stores carry these and other items for all kitchens, including deep fat frying units. Extras include splash guards, oil pumps, filters, and mitts, so make sure the one you’re considering includes items on this list before purchasing!

#7. Warranty

A fryer is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. However, as with any new appliance, you must buy it from a company that offers warranty protection for their products.

It may appear to be an unnecessary expense, but consider this: even if your fryer has been running flawlessly since day one and has never required any maintenance or repairs of any kind, this will happen eventually. What could be more infuriating than something going wrong with it while you’re correctly using it and then discovering there’s no coverage?

However, before you buy anything, double-check that the product page includes everything covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty policy; some companies are experts at reading through all of the fine print details!

#8. Price

The air fryer is the heart of any kitchen and has three distinct influences on purchasing decisions.

The first is that it influences how much we pay for an appliance. The second reason is that it is important to our cooking methods, which consider its size or capacity for food preparation. The third point to remember is that while good ones are usually long-lasting, they do require replacement parts from time to time, so make sure you have some extra cash before purchasing one!


#1. Does our platform support online?

Of course. We are online 24/7 and will assist you as soon as possible

#2. Do we have affiliate marketing?

Yes, we do. 

#3. How can you contact us?

You can contact us directly at Jl. Sunset Road No.46 or you can also contact us via email: [email protected] We are always ready to assist you whenever you need it.

Major brands of Air Fryer

If you have good finances, think about Philips or Ninja. These are the 2 brands that are rated most positively by consumers. Although the price is quite high, the quality is unquestionable.

Philips is the brand that invented the air fryer, so they have their own technologies that other brands are not allowed to copy (for example, the Philips swirly edge fryer). Meanwhile, according to Consumer Reports in 2019, Ninja is one of the top 5 air fryer brands in the United States.

The most popular model of Philips in the US today is the HD9650, which costs about $ 320-380. Ninja has a Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 2-Basket Air Fryer model that costs about $110 – $180 depending on the supplier.

If you are interested in cheaper fryers, you can choose brands such as Instant Pot, and COSORI. These are two well-known brands that cost less than $100. Although the quality is not as good as Philips or Ninja, it still fully meets the function of an air fryer.

In the past, air fryers were quite expensive, only the rich could afford to use them. Now there are more choices, if you are on a tight budget, you can still own an air fryer. For just under $50, you can own an oil-free fryer from brands such as DASH, Elite Gourmet, Chefman, Copper Chef, etc.

The popularity of air fryers is getting stronger, so many companies compete to produce, in addition to the above brands, there are many other brands. You can find out more here.

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