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How To Preheat Air Fryer To Ensure Even Crispy, Delicious!

Oil-free fryers are increasingly widely used thanks to their convenience, ease of use, fast cooking, and no use or little use of oil, which is very good for health. Everyone has this question when you buy an air fryer: Should you preheat the air fryer before cooking? Read the instruction manual first for your specific model of the air fryer. Here is the article that talks about “How to Preheat Air Fryer” most specifically and the issues surrounding it.

What is an air fryer?

What is an air fryer
What is an air fryer

Air fryers or vacuum fryers are devices that are capable of converting electricity into heat to “fry” food in a hot air environment without using grease like traditional methods.

This fryer does not need oil or uses very little oil, so it is called an air fryer. It is also known by other names such as air fryer or vacuum fryer.

It is a popular cooking aid household product in recent years. It is quite similar to a specialized oven, with many adjustable heat levels, the amount of air inside the pot is extremely strong, so the food outside is cooked, it is still very golden and crispy like being fried with oil.

Working principle of the air fryer

Using the principle of vacuum frying with a heating mechanism (mayso wire). In which the heat source is from electricity and combined with the convection cooling fan, rapidly circulating throughout the food surface. This will help the food to be cooked using a uniform hot air environment, instead of oil. Along with the ability to control heat and time in today’s new product lines, you will easily complete a dish like a professional chef.

Specifically with the product line of air fryers, currently, most models operate mainly on Rapid Air technology – oil-free frying technology applied for the first time by Philips and registered for copyright worldwide. world. Rapid Air technology, also known as RUSH technology, was researched and developed by APDS Development in the Netherlands while developing the air fryer.

Rapid Air works on the principle that high temperature is circulated with strong intensity. That heat will be distributed over the entire food in the pot from all side zones. This heat can pass through any food from thick cuts of meat to very small food particles.

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Advantages of air fryer

Advantages of air fryer
Advantages of air fryer

#1. Good health is the biggest advantage of an air fryer

The amount of excess fat is significantly reduced compared to conventional frying. Animal meat dishes such as pork ribs, chicken thighs, beef… after frying, a large amount of fat can be seen flowing down the tray. Advertised as reducing up to 80% of excess fat, this is very good for people who want to lose weight, cardiovascular patients, obesity …

#2. Convenient, easy to clean, save time, reduce costs

The oil-free fryer is very easy to use, easy to disassemble, and clean. The sealed design means that the heat is mainly concentrated inside, less escaping, reducing the cooking time and optimizing the wasted power. In addition, no oil or very little oil is used, so it is quite economical compared to conventional oil frying.

#3. Can cook many dishes

From french fries, vegetables, fried rice… chicken wings, pork ribs, and fish… can all be processed.

#4. Elegant and compact design

Air fryers often have an oval-shaped design like an egg. It looks very compact and elegant, creating a highlight for the kitchen space.

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How to preheat the air fryer

Did you know, that the “Preheat” function is an advantage, a mode for the first time on an air fryer? With this function, the food after processing will be crispy, delicious, and have a more attractive color.

As mentioned above, air fryers do not need to be preheated like an oven. You can put the food directly into the pot and then turn on the oven, or you can preheat the oven for 3 minutes before adding the food. Whichever method you choose, remember to add and subtract time (3 minutes) to ensure the food is cooked through and delicious.

How to preheat the air fryer
How to preheat the air fryer

Follow the steps below:

  1. Plug in the power.
  2. Turn the temperature control knob at least 80°C / 180°F to set the temperature.
  3. Turn the time adjustment knob to 10 minutes until the electric signal light comes on. Then turn the knob for 5 minutes to start heating the pot. The signal light and the temperature indicator light both light up to show that the pot is being heated.
  4. When the temperature indicator light is off, the pot has finished heating.

It is recommended to preheat for 5 minutes before placing food in the pot unless your fryer is already preheated. Food will not cook thoroughly if not preheated.

Not a good time to preheat the air fryer

#1. Thick raw food

Cook very thick or dense/frozen meats like roasts, large chicken breasts, or anything raw that needs cooking. If you preheat, you’ll cook the outside too quickly and get too crispy before it’s fully cooked in the middle.

This is not good when you are cooking raw, solid, or frozen food. The frozen meat in the middle will remain whole. They will not be cooked. Too hot, or too fast means raw food won’t be fully cooked. They will be the exception if you are grilling rare or medium steaks.

#2. Food doesn’t want to be crispy

Preheating will only make cooked foods hotter and crisper on the outside. In case you grill thinly sliced ​​or chopped vegetables, they may burn on the outside before the inside is tender. So if you preheat, just reduce the cooking time a bit.

#3. Cakes, bread, or similar products

Preheating will make the outside too crispy and the inside will be mushy and raw. The crust will be hard, while the dough inside will be rough. If you make smaller-sized pastries, the inside may cook faster when the air fryer is preheated.

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When to preheat the air fryer?

When to preheat the air fryer
When to preheat the air fryer

#1. Reheat food

Leftovers or frozen food will need a higher temperature to heat up. This can make the food crispy quickly.

#2. Crispy crust

If you want food with a nice crust and a crispy exterior texture. Thinner meats like chicken, pork chops, or thin steaks can benefit from preheating. So when you want a chewy or delicious crust, preheat the oven

With steak that will cook the outside quickly and create a good texture on medium or rare. Pork chops can also use a preheated air fryer so the meat has a crust and isn’t too dry in the middle.

#3. Frozen foods

When the food is done and you want to cook it hot, or crispy on the outside. This will be the most optimal solution for frying frozen foods in the air.

For most things cooked in an air fryer, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference if you preheat and cook in a little less time.


Above is a shared article about “How to Preheat Air Fryer“. All information has been verified and hopes you enjoy them.

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