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Kyvol Air Fryer AF600 Review [Update 2023]

When compared to an oven, air fryers can reduce cooking times while producing a healthier meal than traditional oil frying. However, while most air fryers do the job, they lack modern features such as a recipe database, app control, and wireless connectivity.

Kyvol Air Fryer AF600
Kyvol Air Fryer AF600

Some of these constraints are lifted by the new Kyvol AF600. Kyvol’s latest air fryer includes an extensive recipe database, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, and an iOS and Android app. But how good is it? This Kyvol Air Fryer AF600 review will assist you in determining this.

What makes the Kyvol air fryer different? 

Kyvol may be a new name to you, but it has set its sights on the home appliance market. This relatively unknown brand is planning an assault on cooking appliance brands Instant and Ninja with a new air fryer, in addition to offering a range of robot vacuums that it hopes will rival the likes of Neato and Roomba.

#1. Specifications

The Kyvol AF600 will undoubtedly take up some counter space, measuring 11.9 x 14.0 x 12.9 inches / 30 x 36 x 33cm (w x h x d). It comes with a frying basket and a crisper plate that are both dishwashers safe. It holds a whole chicken or 3.3lb / 1.5kg of fries and has a capacity of 6 quarts / 5.7 liters, according to Kyvol. 

#2. Design 

Unlike most air fryers I’ve reviewed, the crisper basket has a 9.2 x 4-inch / 23.3 x 10.1cm plastic viewing window on the front, allowing you to monitor the cooking process.

This is a significant advancement because you can visually monitor the food’s crispiness by looking through the window. Unlike other air fryers, you do not have to open the bucket to release hot air. If you need to check on your food during the cooking cycle, there is no disruption of heat.

there is no disruption of heat
there is no disruption of heat

#3. Cooking modes 

The AF600 can bake, roast, grill, reheat, and even dehydrate in addition to the air fry, making it as versatile as many of the best air fryers I’ve tested.

The AF600 has a 1.5-inch / 3.8-cm LCD display that shows the cooking temperature and duration, as well as 10 presets. These are for pre-programmed dishes such as chicken, fries, shrimp, and even toast, and each has a default temperature and cooking time that can be manually adjusted using the dial to the right.

In addition to a preheat function, there is a recipe function that can transfer the temperature and cooking duration from over 100 recipes in the Kyvol app to the recipe preset button, allowing it to be activated with a single tap. The crisper basket and crisper plate are dishwasher safe, and the sleek black plastic exterior can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

the sleek black plastic exterior can be cleaned
the sleek black plastic exterior can be cleaned

The air fryer can cook for up to an hour at a time and has a maximum temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit / 200 degrees Celsius. There is no recipe booklet in the box; instead, as previously stated, the Kyvol app provides over 100 different recipes with suggested timings, cooking temperatures, and oil amounts.

#4. Performance

When it came to crisping foods, the Kyvol AF600 air fryer impressed me – everything I cooked, including fries, chicken thighs, and frozen steak-cut chips had a satisfying crunch. The chicken thighs remained succulent and juicy, while the homemade fries and frozen steak-cut chips had a crisp exterior with a soft, fluffy potato interior.

The air fryer was also great for health: chicken thighs and frozen fries required no oil at all to cook, whereas the app recommended 1 tbsp for 1.1 lb / 500g of potato when making homemade fries. I found the viewing window useful for checking on my food, and the warm orange glow produced by the internal light made the dishes appear very appetizing while cooking.

the dishes appear very appetizing while cooking
the dishes appear very appetizing while cooking

I didn’t need to change anything after following the time and temperature recommendations in the instruction booklet; the results were perfect. The AF600 does not have a frozen food setting, unlike many of the air fryers I’ve tested. I had to resort to the french fry setting instead, and while many of the frozen fries were evenly browned, others were undercooked. This could have been easily remedied by including a reminder to turn or shake the food halfway through cooking to ensure that everything is evenly browned.

#5. Wireless connectivity

This air fryer can be controlled via your smartphone thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. In case you miss the audible alert from the air fryer, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone when your food is ready.

The AF600, like most Wi-Fi-enabled devices, requires some setup and connects to your home Wi-Fi network. Hold the Wi-Fi button down until it blinks, then complete the connection within the app. You must also enable Bluetooth and Location Services, though I’m not sure why the latter is required.

#6. App control

As previously stated, the AF600 comes with an iOS and Android app that allows you to control the unit from your smartphone. You can preheat, set timers, and receive notifications when your cooking is finished. Furthermore, the app works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, if you want to use voice control to turn your air fryer on and off, you can.

Once configured, users can designate any recipe in the database as the “quick recipe.” This designation corresponds to the AF600’s custom “Recipes” button. These recipes are simple to make and include all of the step-by-step instructions needed to achieve great results—all while using an air fryer.

The majority of recipes take less than an hour to complete, and many can be done in as little as ten minutes. That means you won’t have to struggle with deciding what to cook or limit yourself to prepackaged fried foods. The recipe database adds another layer of cooking to the Kyvol AF600 unit, and it’s a delicious addition.

The app’s functions are easy to find, and Kyvol has organized everything in a logical, user-friendly order. The AF600’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup is also simple, though it took me a few tries after the initial unboxing. You can control the unit from anywhere with an internet connection once you connect it to the app.

That means you can preheat the unit on your way home from work, or assist your children in cooking an afternoon snack while you’re out in the garden—all from your phone. Overall, the app feels more like a useful addition to an already well-designed air fryer than a gimmicky extra.

You can watch the video below to get a better understanding of the Kyvol app:

#7. The level of noise

During cooking, the AF600 registered 55dB on my decibel meter, which is equivalent to a refrigerator’s gentle hum. As a result, it is one of the quietest air fryers I’ve tested. However, while the majority of the Kyvol AF600’s exterior casing remained cool to the touch throughout cooking, the viewing window reached 50°C, so avoid touching it if possible.

Pros of the Kyvol air fryer AF600 

This air fryer, in my opinion, has several advantages. They are as follows: 

  • Bucket with a large capacity. This is more than enough to cook a 5-pound whole chicken. Simple “roast” chicken dinner for the entire family!
  • The see-through window is definitely an added bonus and a unique feature. If your food is burning, you can see it right away rather than guessing by opening the bucket to check on it.
  • Powerful and quiet motor: The motor is one of the quietest I’ve used, and it’s powerful enough to cook a whole chicken.
  • The Panel has 12 preset cooking programs with touchscreen control. It’s a simple way to get started with air frying by becoming acquainted with some basic foods.
  • WiFi functions that you can control smartly with an app on your phone. You can change the “My Recipe” button to the last favorite dish you cooked. There are also over 100 pre-programmed recipes available in the Kyvol community for you to use.
  • The basket is easy to clean, and the base tray is removable. It’s also dishwasher safe.

    It's also dishwasher safe
    It’s also dishwasher safe
  • The heating coil element is protected by a screen. I like this feature because it acts as a shield to prevent food particles from hitting the heating coils. This reduces smoking and burning!
  • Design is extremely fashionable. Kyvol’s design is the most stylish and matte of any air fryer I’ve seen.

Cons of the Kyvol air fryer AF600

Of course, there are some drawbacks to this air fryer.

  • Firstly, it is the scale. These have a larger footprint than many other 6qt air fryers. If you have a small apartment kitchen, this air fryer may take up a lot of space. However, if you are willing to make some room, you may find that you will be air frying more frequently and may not even need your stove!
  • Secondly, the Kyvol AF600 is the only air fryer I’ve tested that includes a toast setting. However, the results were disappointing – I found that the default duration of eight minutes was far too long, resulting in a melba toast effect rather than the breakfast slice I was expecting. Furthermore, the hot air being circulated inside the air fryer was so powerful that it was constantly blowing my slice of white bread around the frying basket.
  • Finally, that is the cost. It costs about $30 more than most other air fryers of similar size, but the window feature and stylish design make it well worth the money. If it’s going to be on your counter, it should be visually appealing. The Kyvol is definitely stylish enough to deserve a spot on your counter.

User Feedback

In addition to providing you with a more objective perspective, I have compiled some user comments on Kyvol’s website, and a variety of websites such as Reddit, Twitter, and others for your convenience.

review Kyvol by user 1 review Kyvol by user 2 review Kyvol by user 3


Before purchasing the Kyvol AF600, I watched some YouTube videos about this air fryer and found a very good one. I strongly recommend you watch this video because it is extremely useful.

In conclusion

In summary, the Kyvol AF600 is one of the few air fryers with a viewing window on the front of the frying basket and a panel through which you can monitor your food.

Furthermore, the Kyvol air fryer AF600 is well worth considering for anyone looking for a healthier way to enjoy fries, chicken thighs, and other indulgent foods, as well as the ability to control their air fryer from their phone.

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