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How To Reheat Quiche In An Air Fryer? – Easy Steps Guide

Allow me to demonstrate the best way to reheat quiche in an air fryer. This is a simple no-fail method that ensures your quiche is piping hot, has a crispy pastry base, and has not become soggy.

Is it possible to reheat quiche?

Is it possible to reheat quiche_

You’re probably wondering if you can reheat quiche. Or if reheating the quiche on the next day is acceptable?

The answer is a resounding YES.

The next day, reheated quiche is AMAZING.

In fact, I prefer my quiche reheated the next day rather than fresh.

You can do this in the air fryer, and you can even add extra toppings if you want to make your reheated quiche even better.

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Is it possible to make and reheat quiche ahead of time?

Is it possible to make and reheat quiche ahead of time_

Yes, it is possible! BUT the time it takes to reheat a full quiche versus making it the day before is not worth it.

Instead, I recommend making your quiche ahead of time but not cooking it. Then, instead of putting it in the oven, put it in the fridge.

The next day, you cook your quiche and simply reheat what hasn’t been consumed.

Is it possible to freeze and reheat quiche?

Yes, it is possible! However, if you do what I recommend, each piece of extra quiche is placed in a freezer bag.

Then, when reheating your frozen quiche, start with 4 minutes at 120c/250f before continuing with the rest of the quiche cooking instructions.

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What is the best way to reheat quiche?

What is the best way to reheat quiche_

I like to make my quiche slices small so they can be reheated quickly. For example, instead of traditional quiche slices, chop your quiche into tapas-sized portions for reheating.

Then, for my most important tip, reheat your quiche in the air fryer with aluminum foil.

Then your air fryer won’t get dirty, you won’t lose the delicious cheese, and you can even eat your quiche from the foil. Consider how much time you will save by not doing the dishes.

You can also do this with larger quiche slices.

And, as long as the quiche isn’t stacked on top of each other, you can cut multiple slices at the same time.

If you want to reheat quiche in the air fryer, follow these steps:

  1. Place leftover quiche slices in an air fryer basket lined with foil.
  2. Preheat the air fryer to medium heat.
  3. Distribute.

This is a basic air fryer version of quiche reheating instructions that can be used with any flavor of quiche. While our quiche is cheese and tomato, the same method can be used to make a quiche Lorraine, for example.

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What is the outcome?

What is the outcome_

Even if I do say so myself, this was a resounding success! When reheating a quiche, one concern is that the crust will become tough. This was not the case here; I still had a flaky but not rock-hard crust after blitzing in the air fryer!

I was also impressed that the quiche was completely heated in just ten minutes. This is why I enjoy using air fryers! Spending less time in the kitchen!

And it had been evenly heated all the way through. Do you know how annoying it is when your microwaved food has hot and cold spots all over it? With an air fryer, you won’t have that problem.

Another concern that some people may have is that the filling of a quiche is delicate and may be damaged in some way by the more aggressive heating style of an air fryer. I can confidently state that my quiche remained perfectly formed after its time in my air fryer.

An air fryer is ideal for reheating anything that requires a crispy or crisp finish. So, the next time you have an old quiche lying around, instead of throwing it in the microwave, put it in the air fryer!

The next step will be to try frozen quiche in the air fryer! Oh, the delights!!

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1. Is reheating quiche safe?

While it’s not the best way to reheat leftover quiche, it’ll suffice in a pinch. Warm your leftover quiche for about three minutes on a microwave-safe plate.

If your quiche hasn’t reached the temperature you want after three minutes, heat in 30-second increments to prevent overheating.

2. When reheating quiche, what temperature do you use?

In the Oven, Reheat Quiche

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Remove the quiche from the refrigerator and set it aside to rest at room temperature while the oven heats up.
  3. When the oven is hot, check the quiche to see if it requires any additional protection.

3. Is it safe to use tin foil in an air fryer?

Is it safe to use tin foil in an air fryer_

No, it is not recommended to use baking paper or tin foil in your Philips Air fryer for the following reasons: The airflow inside the air fryer is reduced when the bottom of the basket is covered.

As a result, your Philips Air fryer’s cooking performance suffers.

4. Is it possible to reheat quiche in an air fryer?

Place your quiche dish in the air fryer for 10 minutes at 325°F (160°C). The secret to cooking eggs in an air fryer is to keep the temperature low. This is what gives them their light and fluffy texture! And when the quiche is done, you’ll notice how lovely it is!

5. What is the function of the reheat button on an air fryer?

We are delighted to assist you with your Ninja® Air Fryer inquiry. The Reheat function is for reviving leftovers by gently warming them, resulting in crispy results.

The Air Crisp function adds crispness and crunch to your food while using little to no oil.

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6. How should cooked quiche be reheated?

Is it possible to reheat the quiche? Reheat in a 350°F oven for about 25 minutes, or until thoroughly heated. Alternatively, heat a slice in the microwave for 3 minutes on 50% power.

How should cooked quiche be reheated_

7. Is it possible to make the quiche ahead of time and reheat it later?

Yes, you can prepare the quiche ahead of time and reheat it later. You can bake it completely, then cool it and store it in the refrigerator. You can also make a quiche ahead of time and bake it when you’re ready to serve it.

8. Is it possible to eat cold quiche?

While quiche can be eaten cold, it is not advised. Cold quiche will be rubbery and spongy rather than soft and buttery like fresh quiche.

Quiche, on the other hand, can be eaten cold with no ill effects as long as it has been stored safely and has not expired.


I hope this post has provided you with sufficient information about reheating quiche in an air fryer. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time!

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