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What cooperation can I do with ReFi Fryer?

In addition to providing the best search solution for Customers. ReFi Fryer also provides a number of services for interested partners, such as:

#1. Display ads for businesses from 3rd platform

To have the cost of maintaining the development of the ReFi Fryer platform.

Google Adsense vs Ezoic
Google Adsense vs Ezoic

We have registered a number of advertising platforms such as: Google Adsense, Ezoic,… 

These are forms of third-party advertising. You may pay a fee to these parties to display advertisements on our Website.

#2. Amazon Affiliate Program

We have joined the Amazon Affiliate Program since February 2021, with the tag=refifryer-20.

Amazon Affiliate Program
Amazon Affiliate Program

We entered with the expectation that our Loved & Supported readers would shop on Amazon. It is a great thing for us to have more motivation to develop this platform.

#3. Place banner ads on the website

With the number of visitors, and brands if desired. Please contact us through: https://refifryer.com/contact/

We allow placing banners, video, images, and advertising content of brands on our website.

Place banner ads on the website
Place banner ads on the website

This not only helps brands find potential customers. And our readers have access to useful products.

#4. Promote your brand

We allow your brands to be promoted on our website.

By posting PR articles about your brand.

Brand Promotion
Brand Promotion

The length we allow is from 1000 words to 2000 words.

The cost per article is from 30$ to 50$.

You can contact us to place a post: https://refifryer.com/contact/

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